Screw Doser

September 30, 2020
September 30, 2020 Rostfrei Major Inox

Screw Doser


Volumetric dosers for fine-grained, coarse-grained, and friable matter, for pasty and liquid matter, and compressible and powdered matter.
Mixer for powdered, fine-grained, and friable substances.

At the request of the customer, additional equipment is delivered, such as a spiral conveyor for the intake of the material to the basket, a transporter for the transport of packaged products, and alike. To operate the machine is easy, and switching from one way of packaging to another is very quick and easy. Operational protection is ensured by the fact that all electrical elements operate at a voltage of 42 V, and there is no possibility of electric shock. The voltage is 220 V, the electrical power is 1.5 KW, and the air is 5 mp/min. with a flow of 250 l / min.

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