Universal Machines

UM 200

Machine, that can produce any kind of liquid & semi-liquid food.
Product Details
Rostfrei Major Inox

The Universal Machine (UM) is designed for fine cutting, blending and homogenization with or without thermal processing, in the Foodstuff Industry, Chemical Industry and Pharmaceutical Industry. Simple compact performance with minimal maintenance as well as the full automatic control makes this machine entirely safe and simple to operate.



UM is entirely manufactured from stainless steel with easy to change working parts. Provided with equipment and additional parts to obtain vacuum as well as heating (cooling) directly into the working volume and indirectly – between the walls. The entire process in the machine, depending on your technology, lasts 5-15 minutes, which means that in one cycle you get a ready product from the raw material, in one machine, which has the possibility to be directly connected to the packing line.

This provides your product to be entirely protected from pollution, to have a high quality and longer lifetime. According to your needs, the available model and performances are starting from the smallest machines (5l), for laboratory purposes or smaller production, to the industry capacity (500l). Practically, there are limitless possibilities – heating, cooling, pasteurization, sterilization, cutting (chopping up to 18 µм), blending, homogenization, emulation. UM 200, in line with cistern – reservoir for raw materials, with flexible connection. According to the needs, it is used for production of marmalade, ketchup, mayonnaise, “eurokrem”(kind of two-colored (brown and white) hazelnut and milk sweet spread or chocolate & vanilla), fruit concentrates, all kinds of melted cheese and other creamy products. The process in the machine lasts 6-10 minutes after which follows discharging trough special outlet, and the next charging comes from the reservoir with volume equal to 3 times the machine volume.

The addition of any material during the process is done by the dispensers. If the UM is not connected to the packing line, the finished product is picked up in specially derived containers – carts. UM 60 has the same functions as UM 200 and can be used separately or in a line. The discharging is mechanical, trough built-in pneumatic equipment, where the lid and the container have mechanical blockade for insurance from over turning and possible impacts.